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Find your path in Ikaria and in the "whole world"… The art of well-being

A life changing experience in "the island where people forget to die". We offer a 7-day program of activities that address the wholeness of being which is body, mind and soul, in harmony with nature and the local community.
The program has been developed and applied by both Mrs Angeliki Douka (Bs of Physical Education, MA in Psychology of Motor Behavior, PhD in Psychology of Sports and Aqua Fitness Expert) and Mrs Kyriaki Spanou (BS in Philosophy, MA in Theatre) The program is a wholesome life changing experience, that focuses on well being and longevity. The program refers to the Greek philosophy and the idea of happiness as a balance of body, mind and soul.

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Who We Are

Angeliki Douka

Physical Education teacher at the Aquatics Division of the Physical Eduaction and Sports Science Department of the University of Athens.

Kyriaki Spanou

Theatre director, lecturer at the Theatre Department of the Aristotle University of Salonica, playwright and translator.

Our History

Angeliki Douka PhD

Angeliki Douka is a Physical Education teacher and is currently teaching swimming and water polo at the Aquatics Division of the Physical Education and Sports Science Department of the University of Athens. She holds a BS (1984), on Physical Education with a specialization of Aquatics, which was followed by a Master’s Degree in Psychology of Motor Behavior at McGill University Montreal Canada (MA, 1990) and a PhD (2008), in Adapted Physical Education from the University of Athens. She was a lecturer at the Department of Sports Management of the University of the Peloponnese (Sparta) where she taught the courses "Management of aquatic competitive events” and “Sea Sports”.

She is a member of the Hellenic Union of Physical Education Professionals (PEPFA), the Association of Greek Aquatic Coaches (SEPKYSK), the Greek Society of Sport Psychology (ΕΑΨ) and Technical Commissioner of the International School Federation (ISF) for Swimming and Triathlon. She has an extensive research work through publications, research projects, participation in conferences and announcements both in Greece and abroad. She also has book notes and writings in Adapted Physical Education in Sport Psychology and Aquatics. National level swimmer and water polo player!

Kyriaki Spanou MA

Kyriaki Spanou (of Ikarian origin) is a successful theatre director, a playwright and translator. She has taught theatre techniques at the Drama Dept. of the Aristotle University, Salonica for 17 years. She also has taught extensively at Drama Schools, Amateur Adult Theatre Groups etc.

She graduated from the School of Philosophy (BA) University of Athens and also the Drama school “Veaki”. She also holds an MA on theatre directing from the Royal Holloway College (University of London). She has directed extensively freelance, for National Theatres and for her own theatre group. She has taught at University level and has run many courses for amateurs/ professionals and other groups of people that are interested in self –exploration through the medium of theatre. She combines theatre work with a philosophical perspective.

She has written three full-length theatre plays. She is a reader for the EURODRAM network of playwrights.

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