All our guests stay at Ktima Spanou in Raches Ikaria, a unique place in the whole island. There are stone houses built in the traditional Ikarian way in the middle of a wood. The place has a large pool, vegetable garden, vineyard, winery, a little Greek Orthodox Church, flower gardens. It is a magical place.


Ktima Spanou Is on the northern part of the island near the village of Christos in "Raches" Ikaria at an altitude of 500 meters near the outskirts of mount Pramnos. The first buildings of this estate date back to 1846. This is an area of 50 000 m2 Ikarian dense vegetation of all kind, with vineyards, gardens and tailored space environments. It consists of 2 floor stone built houses, studios and apartments. It also includes an outdoor pool (23m), a barbecue area, kitchen and dining spaces, small orthodox church and a stone built round theater along with plenty of outdoor event space as far as the eye can see!! It produces and bottles its own wine, red and white, from local varieties like Fokiano, Savatiano and Begleri which tenants can taste directly from the estate's cellar. Also, residents have access to organic vegetables, fruits and vegetables grown on the ktima's garden. The property comprises 15 rooms (2-bed, 3-bed and 4-bed) of which most are modern design with kitchen, bathroom and outdoor terraces with views. WIFI provided only at the reception hall. Ktima Spanou is a magical place in the heart of a unique destination... Ikaria!!!!

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