Low impact exercises like Walking and Aqua Fitness that everyone can follow

Aqua Tai-Chi was a phrase used in the early 1980s to describe the relaxing, fluidic and graceful movements of Tai-Chi. The ancient teachers spoke of it often, "When learning Tai-Chi, root yourself like a tree and become like Water". Today, there are millions of people practicing or are interested to practice Tai-Chi and Chi Kung for improving their health. Aqua Tai-Chi adds a powerful and rejuvenating quality to their daily practice.

Aqua Tai-Chi is based on many years of study and research into the use of Tai-Chi Chi Kung for health and rejuvenation. It is a form of meditation in movement, which can be practiced easily by people of all abilities, including beginners who are non-swimmers as well as enthusiastic students of the art of relaxation. The gentle and fluidic exercises are based on the inherent flow of the limbs, arteries and muscles, using clear and tested Taoist principles. The gliding and even movements help to reduce stress and begin to train the mind to still itself even in action. In Aqua Tai-Chi, we encourage learners to take their practice into warm water and discover why this is not simply an old Chinese definition but is truly one of the most effective ways to de-stress and help the modern man and woman to rediscover a more peaceful and relaxing lifestyle.

We strongly believe that the relaxing and fresh air along with the remarkable physical scenery of Ikaria's nature is the perfect place to practice the Tai Chi discipline in the water!


Aqua Yoga is a fun and effective practice that adapts traditional Yoga postures to an aquatic environment. From a physical standpoint, practicing asanas (poses or postures) in the water causes less stress on the joints and provides a feeling of success by allowing participants to experience postures they may be unable to achieve on land. However, in some postures, the resistance of the water creates more opportunity to build strength. The aqua environment may allow participants to achieve a greater range of motion, increasing muscle flexibility. From a mind-body standpoint, water is very comforting and nurturing, which enhances relaxation and readies our minds for a deeper meditative experience. Yoga has been linked to decreased stress, heart rate, blood pressure, fatigue and depression – and a lower risk of all the diseases that accompany these risk factors.

Aqua environments are calming and inviting. There is a natural serenity associated with water, and this improves the mind-body connection and readies the mind for a more peaceful, meaningful meditation. Final Savasana (corpse pose) and breathing in Mountain Pose are extremely nurturing in the tranquility of the water. Practicing Aqua Yoga in Ikaria can be an unforgettable experience!



We spend a whole day visiting the Thermal Springs of Ikaria. There is always medical supervision on the spot.

Ikaria's abundant therapeutic radioenergized springs have been identified as amongst the best in the world in terms of healing qualities, and are particularly effective in treating a multitude of ailments and skin diseases because they can accommodate many different forms/strengths of therapy. Since the 1st century B.C. Therma, Ikaria has been a known center for hydrotherapy as evidenced by the presence of archeological remains of ancient baths and facilities such as the Roman baths in ancient Therma. Today, Therma is still the principal region on Ikaria for organized hydrotherapy.

The essential elements in Ikaria's therapeutic radioenergic hot mineral springs are saline radium & radonium. The therapeutic effects of Ikaria's radioenergic hot mineral baths are delivered to the body primarily through inhalation while bathing (90%) with the remaining ten percent is absorbed through the skin.

Hydrotherapy in Ikaria's radioenergized hot mineral springs can have beneficial effects on the following diseases, disorders, and conditions:

CAUTION Baths are not allowed for persons suffering from acute cases of rheumatism, heart disease and cerebral disease.

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Charlene’s Caprio life – a lawyer from New York- changed after exploring Ikaria.

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