It is a long and tested tradition in Ikaria (and Greece) from the times of Hippocrates -the use of herbs for therapeutic purposes. We are talking about the Blue Zone island. They know. The different herbs have relaxing and healing effects on the body in a mild and unobtrusive way. We have designed special drinks with herbs and biologically grown fruits that detox and enhance the physical balance of the body. For example mint is beneficiary for gastritis, sage has antimicrobial effect, chamomile is healing mild mouth and larynx inflammations. Most important is the use of the excellent local honey (our honey producer takes his bees by boat to a small island where the only vegetation is thyme, in order to safeguard the purity of his honey. ) with the herbal drinks. Honey is a major benefactor for body and mind and Ikaria is famous for its honey.

Additionally we offer a range of fruit detox drinks. We have designed a range of detox drinks that address different needs and offer a broad choice to our guests every day.



Nutrition, stress releasing activities and immersion in the community life, are the three main factors of longevity and wellbeing in the Blue Zone island of Ikaria.

In our program we offer some meals on the site and some meals in tavernas around the island.

The meals we offer on the site are cooked by a local cook using local and seasonal ingredients. Everything is cooked with the traditional wisdom and technique. Some of the vegetables and herbs are grown in the gardens of the site – you can help in harvesting them – and are all biologically grown. We have designed a range of meals mainly – but not exclusively - with vegetables.

Local wine – the famous PRAMNIAN WINE OF HOMER – abundant on table from the winery of the site. The estate produces and bottles its own wine red and white from local varieties like Fokiano, Savatiano and Begleri which tenants can sample directly from the estate's cellar.

The meals offered in local tavernas combine a wide range of local food, fish and excellent view. All the tavernas have been tested personally by us.



"My best ideas came while being in the arms of nature…" is a common saying of creative people. Thus we put on our hats, wear comfortable shoes and we are out in the open.

One morning we walk from the mountain to the beach, touching, smelling and listening to the sound of nature. There are two choices: Either we take the Myrsona ravine, or we walk to Nas beach (it depends on the group). During our walk we elaborate lightly on philosophical issues about man and nature.

Myrsona ravine:  A very mild naturalist great length route.  Signs / Signals:  Simple colours and signs.  Terrain:  Semi-mountainous trail and dirt road.  Degree of difficulty:  Moderate in the beginning and quite easy afterwards.  Length: 7 km.  Duration:  3-4 hours.  Returning by the main road saves you almost half the time of the ascent.

In Ikaria, for thousands of years, people have been traversing the myriad mountain paths. In our days these paths, or as we Greeks call them "monopatia", made up a transportation web that connected Ikaria's villages and small towns with the people's farming and commercial activities in the mountains and specially at the sea. Today, through a combination of continued use and local & international preservation efforts, many paths are still in operation and able to be enjoyed by visiting walkers.

Ikaria is an island with a very diverse landscape, from East to West, offers besides its remarkable beaches, a mountainous terrain that reaches an altitude of 1000 m. The nature that surrounds the rocky slides is full of pines and other trees of the Mediterranean. Every conceivable terrain is experienced, with breath taking vistas to be seen around each corner. Your stay in Ikaria would be incomplete without making a trip on a "monopati", a worthy holiday experience that connects Ikaria's history, culture and nature.

Our Philosophy


Charlene’s Caprio life – a lawyer from New York- changed after exploring Ikaria.

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