Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

YES. All the meals at SPANOS ESTATE and all the meals at the tavernas in the island are included in the price.
At SPANOS ESTATE there are houses for 4 persons, for two persons and two single beds in a room. It is all included in the price.
There are daily flights from Eleftherios Venizelos (Athens) airport.
NO. People come to Ikaria from various parts of the world. The cost of the flights IS NOT included in the price.
YES. As long as you have informed us about them on your registration mail.
YES. The children that are 11-16 can attend the whole program. There is a 500 Euros discount for one child and a 1200 Euros discount for two children. For children up to 10 years old that cannot attend the program we provide special kids activities and the cost is half of the price.
We provide full transport from the moment we pick you up from the airport until the moment you depart at the airport.
You can cancel up to a month before the event. We highly recommend obtaining travel insurance that provides for extenuating circumstances happening before an event such as car accidents or illness occurs.
You are going to enjoy small groups of less than 15 people…
1. Health check questionnaire

2. Stress and Lifestyle Assessment

3. Biophysical Evaluation (Measure Body Fat, Muscle, Body Mass Index BMI, Basic Metabolic Rate BMR, distribution of fat/muscle in your body) before and after the Retreat

4. Nutrition Consultation

Mountain spring water, Herbal Teas & Detox drinks throughout the retreat.
1. Booklet with information about nutrition in Blue Zones, and specifically in Ikaria.

2. Three  different Longevity recipes that you have already prepare with the group during the Symposium (Main Dish, Salad, and Dessert)

3. Personalized info about the Longevity Diet that suits your body

4. You will experience weight loss in just 6 days.

5. Clean veins, boosted metabolism, relaxed and distressed mind, thinner body, more wise!!!!! You can take your new self HOME

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