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As an international traveler, I have had the chance – for pleasure and for work - to visit more than 60 countries, around the globe, and still counting. And now the obvious question: Do you go back to the same destinations you have loved or do you keep trying to find new places to visit. Regarding Ikaria the answer is simple - GO BACK. I visited Ikaria for my first time, last September with two friends, and I fell in love with the island instantly. We stayed at “Ktima Spanou” in Raches, on the recommendation from a dear Greek friend. The stone built accommodation, in an old style, was superb. It is the ideal place to go to relax and to be close to nature. Inside “Ktima Spanou” there is a swimming pool, a small theater and a restaurant.

There are also many different kinds of trees and gardens in which the owners grow different kinds of vegetables. We had some delicious meals with fresh, organic ingredients. The “Ktima Spanou” even has own home made wine. We loved walking and enjoying the natural environment. The “Ktima” is in walking distance between Raches and Profitis Ilias Monastery. We had the chance to walk to Raches, the largest village on the north side of the island, where the shops are open until quite late in the evening. Ikaria is an amazing island to visit. We met Angeliki and Kyriaki and they explained to us their dream of running a retreat with an holistic approach. As they said “a body and mind experience based on the elements of the island”. It is a great place to revisit and relax, and I am really looking forward to spending some time there again. And yes! We will BE BACK!


I have been to Ikaria two years ago and I was amazed about the scenery, the food, the beaches but mostly the people. They have a special, easy and relax way to lead their lives! I hope to go again soon and why not to experience the retreat!!


In Ikaria I have everything I want for my vacation, in terms of calmness, nature, warm people and good wine! It is my personal paradise! This year I am planning to try … the retreat! I am sure is going to be magical!


I come originally from Ikaria and I spend all my holidays there! I recommend my island to everyone who wants to touch happiness, tranquility and feel the greatness of nature!


I go to Ikaria every year for summer vacations, because I have a lot of friends there. I love everything about it. The beach, the mountains the people the feasts, the dance at “panygyria”! Everything !!! Come to experience the magic!


Find your path in Ikaria and in the "whole world"… The art of well-being

A life changing experience in "the island where people forget to die". We offer a 7-day program of activities that address the wholeness of being which is body, mind and soul, in harmony with nature and the local community.
The program has been developed and applied by both Mrs Angeliki Douka (Bs of Physical Education, MA in Psychology of Motor Behavior, PhD in Psychology of Sports and Aqua Fitness Expert) and Mrs Kyriaki Spanou (BS in Philosophy, MA in Theatre) The program is a wholesome life changing experience, that focuses on well being and longevity. The program refers to the Greek philosophy and the idea of happiness as a balance of body, mind and soul.

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